Get Graplling on Saturdays

Popular WEDNESDAY wrestling night GRAPPLE now adds an extra last Saturday afternoon of each month to their events calendar. This is reflected in our diary.

Grapple (Wrestling) every Wed Night @ Eagle
Grapple (Wrestling) every Wed Night @ Eagle

They tell us:  “Grapple101- weekly event every Wednesday at Eagle London for guys into and who enjoy to watch wrestling .
-9pm till 2am £3 entry
-Starting on the 27th November Grapple101 adds an additional last SATURDAY AFTERNOON of the month..
-SATURDAY AFTERNOONs from 2pm till 7pm entry £5 This is the launch of our once a month weekend wrestling for anyone who can make it down on our regular week night. Saturday afternoons are going to be packed from guys all over the uk. Were are sure this will be a huge hit as guys have told us they are already booking hotels to make sure they can be there on the 27th DONT MISS THIS ONE.
-Grapple101 is a refreshing new night on the scene. hosted by Ashley Ryder
-Come down and watch, or if you want to try out wrestling for the first time get Ashley to take you through a basics class on the night.

-The mats are open to anyone who wants to come use them. it doesn’t matter what skill level you are there’s lots of guys who come of all abillities, so there is always someone you can pair up with if you want a match. Or just sit back and watch the action.

-Grapple101 is also the HOME OF SOCK WRESTLING. This is a none wrestlers wrestling. the aim of the game is to remove one of the socks of your opponent to win. NO WRESTLING MOVES INVOLVED. its fun fast and doesnt need you to have done any wrestling before. Now anyone who comes into the club can get on the mats even if you down want to know anything about wrestling itself.