April’s HARD ON was busy and full of hot fetish lads all out for a good time. Over the last months HARD ON has been really developing the DIRTY DANCE CLUB idea by creating a more intimate floor and massive play space. The crowd is friendly and attitude free (unless that is what you are looking for)….and the hot boys keep on coming. 

Hard On both the fetish lover a safe, horny and sleazy environment to explore, use and create. To the uninitiated, it is a club with a dark and sexy side…you can let your inhibitions go and not be judged for your kinks…but instead indulged. it is a unique clubbing experience that many have tried to copy but failed to capture. Get down or go down…there is only one HARD ON!

These images taken by Brent Nicholls for

WARNING…THESE IMAGES CONTAIN SEXUAL PIX….by looking beyond this point you consent to viewing such images. Otherwise >>click here.