Galleries: Hard On 8th Birthday

The hung, the hot the horny and the pervy all turned up in full force at Hard On’s 8th Birthday. From naked to full on fetish every corner of the club was packed with everyone out for a good time. The Mr Sleazy competition attracted a lot of attention and with upto £600 up for grabs, many made sure they were the ‘sleaziest of them all’.

The DJs spun a mix of old and new, with DJ Brent Nicholls literally dropping a new track followed by a classic. Hugo’sland & Halo Is also whipped them into a frenzy with dirty sexy beats. Apart from the regulars there were many hot new comers who took advantage of the horny crew that assembled. The dance floor had to compete with the playroom…but that is why it’s called your dirty dance club. One minute your’ge getting down, the next your going down! Lasers pulsated, the fab sound system reverberated and if it had a surface there was some sort of action going on.

These images have been edited leaving the more hard-core elements out, after all, we have to save something for the real Hard On club experience in 3D!