Sportbolt, the sexy sports kit club is back, starting a new season at Bloc South.

They say:

This season league might be over, but Sportsbolt’s locker rooms are still open – hotter and steamier than ever!

The newly refurbished Bloc South Arches will be buzzing with testosterone as the London best sportswear feast is back. So take your pick: footie kit, rugby, wrestling, boxing, spandex…endless stuff to get your sweaty bodies into. No need to worry though this is still Sportsbolt and we play by our own rules so cum-shots for best illegal use of hands inside the penalty box!

To top it off prove your midnight athletics skills in the wrestling arena under the blasting dirty vibes from DJs Phil Marriott and Paul Heron and watch our beefy hunky hosts playing their favourite ‘DNA Contact Sport’ – screwjobs allowed.

Strictly 100% sports kit dresscode applies (football, rugby, lycra, wrestling, boxing, trackies, trainers, shorts) !

Tickets also available at Fifty & Dean in Compton St for £10. When you buy tickets you can also enjoy a 20% discount on any sports gear on the day of purchase.

DJ Line UP
Phil Marriott
Paul Heron

Get your kit on and get off at Sportbolt.