Vauxhall’s horniest night serves up your monthly fill of live XXX man-on-man action

R18 XTRA PRIDE SPECIAL DOUBLE ‘XXX’ with Mickey Taylor & Riley Tess

Get ready for a night of ‘Unrestricted’ pleasure as R18 heats up the end of your month with a huge load of man on man action. XXX rated shows, deep and dark beats.

Your deep and dirty resident DJ’s keeps the action going with harder, faster, longer beats – the R18 sound of pulsating dark beats you love to get nasty to.

Our door policy is all welcome, come in what makes you feel good, but we will offer free entry to those come ‘dressed to impress’ in gear.

Free before 10pm – £6 after.

Free for Eagle London members and under 25’s before midnight.

Eagle London 349 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5QY