About Us

Fetish Pig is the ‘dirty brother’ of gAyLIST website www.SeenQueen.com and forms part of a portfolio of gay websites that include www.ScreamQueen.co.uk (a twitter/microblog type site for gay clubbers/promoters/dj/scene and  the revolutionary gay social network www.MyGayFace.com.

The webmaster of this site is Brent Nicholls (www.uniquecliques.com)

Brent says “I set up Fetish Pig because London lacked a well designed Fetish resource that encompassed all things Fetish. We are more a portal / resource where we link directly to the sources own websites, so if you are looking for anything…come here first! We have also set up the PIG PEN which is an online Fetish community. What you do with it is up to you…cruise, meet like minded guys, arrange meets, set up orgies or just check out all the other dirty pervs. Link an online fetish community to a website that covers cruising sites, shops, porn, clubbing + more and you get the complete package for a real fetish pig! This site can become your first Fetish stop to finding what is hot in London.

Fetish Pig
FaceBook for Perverts

The website and the PigPenare laid out to be simple and easy to use.

In the PIG PEN you can  set up a profile, upload photos  and create groups and forums. You can send private messages, add friends and more very much like any other ‘social’ network. We like to think of it as FaceBook for the perverted, but without the silly ‘moral’ controls (please note: any form of discrimination based on gender, sexuality, race or creed will not be tolerated).

Below is a brief description of what each tab-link offers:

HOME: This is the main ‘blog’ of the site. All the latest news is added here be it free porn, the latest event or something of interest. All of these post will be categorised and tasgged so you can search for tags, category or by ‘date’ posted.

PIG PEN: An introduction to the PigPen community with quick links to the more popular parts of the Pen. You need to register to be part of the PigPen, but once you do, you are in and can interact with other pervs.

HOT CLUBS: This will contain posting and listings of clubs we can reccommed. They are usually the MUST DO’s if you are new in town or looking for a horny fetish experience.

EVENT DIARY: This is our Google supported diary listing all the fetish events in London. It lists dates, times, and other info including website links and map. Due to the Google Calendar app we use, it is easy to integrate into your own Google Calendars and set reminders. We try to keep it up to date with the latest and hottest information, however, it may not always be 100% correct, and when we discover which part is out of date we rectify it immediately.

PORN: What can we say. We have collaborated with AEBN to bring you a custom made Sinema of the horniest fetish videos around. No membership fees, no contacts,  just easy pay per view video. We also have plenty ‘free’ stuff too to wet your appetite!

CRUISE: We list the more popular cruise sites and fetish networks. If you join the PIG PEN there is a section to put your cruise profiles so others can check them out straight from your PigPen profile…so when you fill in the registration make sure you have the correct links to your profiles!

LINKS: Links to our friends and other Fetish resources. Swap with us by Contacting Us.

CONTACT US: Want to get in touch? Join the Mailing List. Use this form.