Fetish Pig on MyGayFace.com

FetishPig has joined the gay social network www.mygayface.com.

We can be found there as www.mygayface.com/fetishpig.

The website was set up in response to FaceBook being aimed at 13 year olds and the desxing of gay profiles out of fear from being seen by relative and work colleagues. According to MyGayFace.com….”While other major social networking sites can fulfill general requirements he feels there is a need for the “gay family”, those friends we choose to create our own special connections outside of our own family. While there are some things we love to share with our family, there are other “gay” things we like to share only with our “gay family” and need a place where the lifestyle is shared, accepted and nurtured. That space is MyGayFace.com where YOU can be YOU without compromise. For this reason we ask you only to invite your gay family to join this site, leaving your other family for FaceBook and MySpace. Since the site is hosted on a server that allows adult content, we allow you to be the people you want to be and by permitting images that could be considered adult in nature (as long as they conform to our Terms and do not break any laws)”

“until the day arrives when you can kiss your same-sex partner in public without anyone blinking an eye lid is the day a website like MyGayFace.com will not be needed..go outside in a crowded place and give it a go…we will be here for you”

Come and join us on the new social network revolution!